Sussman/Silman Group Movies

The use of computer graphics greatly aids the visualization and understanding of the 3D structures of macromolecular structures and their conformational changes. This approach was pioneered by Cyrus Levinthal (Levinthal (1966). To get a feeling for the value of this we have prepared a series of short movies showing key aspects of a number of the molecules we are studying and changes in their struture related to their funciton.

Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)

Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)  
  • Nature's Vacuum Cleaner - Binding of ACh to AChE (Movie by R. Gillilan, I. Silman & J.L. Sussman)
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    How synchrotron radiation can rapidly cause specific damage to a protein

    Drug Discoveries  
  • Radiation damage (Movie by R. Gillilan, I. Silman & J.L. Sussman)
  • Site-specific radiation damage caused to AChE by synchrotorn raditiaon (Movie by G. Kryger)


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  • Conformational changes upon ligand binding

    Drug Discoveries  
  • Reaction products of AChE & VX reveal a mobile HIS (Movie by R. Gillilan, I. Silman, C. Millard & J.L. Sussman)


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  • Visualizing conformational changes in AChE via morphing (Movies by T. Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, I. Silman & J.L. Sussman)

    Cholinesterase Like Adhesion Molecules (CLAMs)  
  • Morphing of native TcAChE to MIP/TcAChE structure. (Details Fig 3 in ref below)
  • Morphing of native TcAChE to methylphosphonyl/TcAChE structure. (Details Fig 4 in ref below)
  • Morphing of native TcAChE to TcAChE/FAS-II complex (Details Fig 6 in ref below)
  • Morphing of TcAChE/FAS-II complex to hAChE/FAS-II complex (Details Fig 7 in ref below)
  • Morphing of native TcAChE structure to native DmAChE structure(Details Fig 8 in ref below)

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