Computer Science Concepts in Scratch

Computer Science Concepts
in Scratch
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Michal Armoni and Moti Ben-Ari.
Weizmann Institute of Science, 2010.

This textbook is intended to teach concepts of computer science using Scratch. Each concept is introduced through a sequence of tasks, each task adding a bit more functionality or modifying the animation in some way. The solutions of each task are explained in full, gory detail. We envision that teachers will present the students with sequences of tasks to try to solve on their own, but we firmly believe that full explanations must be available. Each task and exercise as been completely solved in Scratch and an archive containing about 150 working programs can be freely download.

The books is available in both English and Hebrew for download under the CreativeCommons BY-NC-ND license. The web pages include archives of Scratch programs for the examples and exercises.