Advanced Services|Behavior and Physiology

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The unit allows WIS scientists of all research fields to test their mouse models in a variety of functions using the listed array of behavioral and physiological assessments and manipulations. Additional assays may be added.


Ethical approval

IACUC permits must specify each behavioral or physiological assay, test or manipulation, used in the course of experiments.


Michael Tsoory

Location: The Centre for Comparative Medicine

Training, authorization and Scheduling

All instruments are available for use to all authorized users.
Users are required to contact Dr. Michael Tsoory for training and authorization process.
Do not start running your experiment(s) before receiving adequate training and authorization to use the relevant instrument(s)!
The use of all instruments requires scheduling (pre-reservation of working hours) via Internal Services > Behavioral and physiological phenotyping unit.


Dr. Michael Tsoory is an incumbent of the Carolito Stiftung Research Fellow Chair in Neurodegenerative Diseases