Advanced Services|Genotyping

Establishing New Mouse Genotyping Projects

To introduce a new genotyping protocol to the service

1. Contact Hagit Dafni

2. Fill in the Project_Set_Form (separate form for each gene):

  • PI name
  • Contact email
  • Gene name
  • Primer sequences, combinations & product sizes
  • Expected genotypes (eg wildtype, heterozygous, homozygous)

3. Provide 5 or more DNA samples with known genotypes (confirmed by previous genotyping) that spans all expected genotypes

4. Optional: Provide primer aliquots (100uM; ~50uL each)

We will order the primers (if not provided) and test the samples using our method (HRM) and compare to your results.
In some cases we need you to redesign primers (if amplicons are too long or if both WT and mutants amplicons has very similar Tm).
Several rounds might be required.
Finally, when we are satisfied with the results the strain can be added to the service.