Advanced Services|In Vivo Optical Imaging

The unit offers small animal advanced optical imaging techniques, as well as intravital microscopy. Besides pre-clinical optical imaging, the unit offers experimental design, data analysis and consultation.

You must have an IACUC approved protocol under which these animals will be studied. 


Any instrument at the Optical Imaging Unit is available to anyone who is authorized. Please contact Dr. Slava Kalchenko for authorization process. Authorization will require a training process. Please do not start your experiments involving any Optical Imaging instrument before authorization is obtained. All experiments must be scheduled online through Internal Services > InVivo Optical Imaging Unit.

Vyacheslav (Slava) Kalchenko

Location: Lorry I Lokey Preclinical Research Facility


Scientists should acknowledge the Ridgefield Foundation and The Israel Science Foundation Converging Technologies Program in publications using the IVIS spectrum, The VisualSonics ultrasound.


More information about in-vivo and in-vitro bio-imaging may be found at Bioimaging@WIS