Advanced Services|In Vivo X-ray & CT

In vivo imaging technologies have revolutionized medicine through their effects on diagnosis, early detection, and monitoring the effectiveness of therapy. In basic and preclinical research, non-invasive imaging systems provide access to complex anatomical, physiological, and molecular information in a dynamic multiparametric manner. These technologies offer important tools for investigating the biological basis of disease, and facilitate the development of novel therapeutic approaches. Wishing to maximize the potential preclinical applications of these new technologies, the In vivo Imaging Center offers Weizmann scientists the opportunity to pursue groundbreaking research using top-of-the-range imaging equipment including x-ray and CT-based technologies.

You must have an IACUC approved protocol under which these animals will be studied.


Inbal Biton

Location: The Centre for Comparative Medicine


The X-ray/micro-CT scanners are accessible to anyone who has been authorized to use the scanners. New users must contact Dr. Inbal Biton for authorization process. All experiments must be scheduled online through Internal Services > InVivo Imaging Unit. Scheduling is made on a first-come first serve basis but with some flexibility for those investigators with time sensitive experiments.


More information about in-vivo and in-vitro bio-imaging may be found at Bioimaging@WIS