Basic Services|Ex Vivo Microscopy

A list of microscopes is available for general use. All microscopes are equipped with digital cameras.

For more information contact Dr. Ori Brenner, Dr. Rebecca Haffner.
Location: Camelia Botnar Building, Room 105

You might also be interested in the Immunohistochemistry Unit.


All microscopes and cameras must be pre-booked manually on site.


  • Nikon Eclipse Ni with camera - brightfield
  • Nikon Eclipse 80i with camera - fluorescent
  • Nikon E800 with camera – brightfield for low magnification (x1, x 0.5)
  • Nikon E400 multiheaded scope


  • Leica MZ16F with camera (brightfield and fluorescent)
  • Olympus SZX12 with camera (brightfield)
  • Olympus SZX12 double headed


  • 3D Histech Pannoramic midi camera (brightfield and fluorescent)