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X-ray machine X-RAD-320ix Biological irradiation system

The X-RAD-320 Biological Irradiator is a self contained Orthovoltage X-ray Therapy unit specifically designed for small animal research. This unit is capable of generating high dose outputs with significant penetrating uniformity; hence it has become a popular tool in many research facilities around the world. With the decline of gamma source availability (due to regulatory as well as financial considerations), the X-RAD-320 is an excellent alternative for performing small animal irradiation. Orthovoltage Therapy is used when deeper penetration is required (but also works quite effectively in the superficial energies as well). Because the energy is higher, the uniformity of dose-depth penetration is also much greater, usually more than 4cm. In research, this means that you can deliver a uniform dose to a mouse or rat at a high dose without surface attenuation or burns usually associated with lower energy units.

  • Scheduling: Reserve working time slot through Internal Services > Irradiation building 41.
  • Operation training: Contact Ino Itzik to schedule operation training by company technician.
  • Safety Training: If you didn’t attend radiation safety training please contact the Safety unit.
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