IACUC & SOPs|The IACUC Form Guidelines

Submission of applications for experiments in animals

IACUC applications should be submitted online.

Only heads of research groups (academic, Senior Scientists or higher) may submit applications.

Log in using the same user and password as for Internal Services.

  • New Applications: select and fill form as needed. Save often. Draft pdf files can be proofread by selecting the print button. When done, submit by clicking SEND.
  • Continuation of ongoing study: Select ‘Duplicate-Extend’ to create a copy of an existing application (this works only for applications submitted through the database)
  • Templates: Applications for a number of routine experiments performed by service units can be submitted using pre-filled templates. Templates were prepared for the Antibody Unit and for generation of Transgenic Mice and more. We will be happy to receive suggestions for additional templates.

Animal Orders and Use

The IACUC database automatically monitors orders associated with animal experiments through Internal Services. Orders are processed only when supported by a valid IACUC approval. Thus orders are blocked when:

  • The scientist has no approval for animal experiments.
  • The approval for experiments expired.
  • The type of animal ordered does not match the type approved.
  • The cumulative orders for animals exceed the number of animals approved.

Checking Your Status

Within the IACUC database, the primary window displays all active and expired protocols, along with the application number, subject and approval and expiration dates. Double clicking on each application will open it if it was generated within the database, or will download a word file if generated in the past. The following reports can be generated:

  • "Using your permit" generates a list of animal protocols submitted by other scientists in which the permission for performing experiments was yours.
  • "Approval for grant appl.", see below.
  • "Animal quant. (IACUC vs Int)" generates a report of current animal use by each approved application. These numbers are used for monitoring animal orders through Internal Services. This report can also be generated from the Animal Order page in Internal Services.

Approval for Grant Applications

Signed letters of approval for grant applications can be generated within the database:
Mark the check box of all relevant animal protocols (Grant Appl., right side of the screen).

  • Select "Approval for Grant Appl."
  • Fill details of the grant (title and agency) and declare that:
    All animal work included in the grant application are covered by submitted or accepted IACUC protocols.
  • "Print letter" will generate a pdf file, and a copy will be sent by email to the IACUC.

Grants to NIH and EU

Accessing the IACUC database from abroad

To access the IACUC database from outside Weizmann institute you must use VPN with Secure ID
Access the IACUC database like any other internal system