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Depart & Return to Israel


If you are an International at the Institute and are thinking about flying abroad and below you will find detailed information regarding the current situation. 


  1. Read full departure regulations at
  2. Make sure your visa(s) are valid.  If they are due to expire in the next month, extend prior to leaving Israel.
  3. Your Health Insurance in Israel must be valid when you are outside of Israel.
  4. Make sure that you have a valid vaccination status for your return at:
  5. If you need a PCR test to exit you can get tested at your own expense in several accredited hospitals or at the Rehovot Mall or Ben Gurion International Airport
  6. For those with an A5 visa only: Complete the Exit statement at


With the arrival of the new Omicron variant, the Israeli Government has updated its regulations:

Internationals will not be allowed to enter Israel, for at least 14 days beginning tonight at midnight, and this could be extended.

It is presumed that Internationals who reside in Israel (visa holders) will also be included in the ban. Hence, Internationals who are abroad at this time should consider hastening their return to Israel, if they can do so landing PRIOR to midnight tonight. Similarly, Internationals who were intending to travel abroad should reconsider their plans.

We would ask that you update us via return email if you are currently abroad, letting us know:

1.    A contact number where we can reach you

2.    Which country you are in

3.    What was/is your planned return date

We will send out a further update as soon as more is known.

The IO Team

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