Program for Day 1, August 4th 2006      (View Day 2)

Location: Room A, Fortaleza Convention Center
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9:00 Opening remarks
Session 1: Evolution (Chair - Ilan Samish)
9:05 Nick V. Grishin. Dramatic Evolutionary Changes in Protein Structures. (Invited Presentation)
9:35 Sandra Maguid, Gustavo Parisi, Sebastian Fernandez-Alberti, Julian Echave. Sequence-structure-flexibility relationship in protein evolution. (more)
9:55 Maria S. Fornasari, Gustavo Parisi. Protein Structure Diversity and Sequence Divergence in Evolution. (more)
10:15 Diana K Ekman, Åsa K Björklund, Arne Elofsson. Evolutionary History of Multi-Domain Proteins. (more)
10:35 Coffee Break
11:05 Christopher Dupont, Song Yang, Brian Palenik, Philip E. Bourne. Modern Proteomes Contain Imprints of Ancient Shifts in Environmental Chemistry. (invited presentation)
Session 2: Homology Modeling (Chair - Nick Grishin)
11:35 Francisco Melo, Alejandro Panjkovich, Andrej Sali, Marc A. Marti-Renom. Structure Specific Statistical Potentials for Protein Structure Prediction. (more)
11:55 Iris Antes, Thomas Lengauer. DynaDock: Inhibitor based Refinement of Homology Modeled Protein Structures for Molecular Docking. (more)
12:15 Lunch and Laptop Session 1
15:00 Discussion 1: The roles of Evolution, physics and informatics (Chair - Phil Bourne).
Session 3: Ligand Binding (Chair - Phil Bourne)
15:45 Rafael J. Najmanovich, Richard J. Morris, Janet M. Thornton. Single-Family Analysis of Binding Site Structural Similarities. (more)
16:05 Thomas Funkhouser, Roman Laskowski, Janet Thornton. Matching Volumetric Models of Protein Active Sites. (more)
16:25 Melissa R. Landon, Spencer C. Thiel, David R. Lancia Jr., Sandor Vajda. Identification of Druggabable "Hot Spots" in Ligand Binding Pockets by Computational Solvent Mapping of Proteins. (more)
16:45 Coffee Break
Session 4: Model Quality (Chair - John Moult)
17:15 Michal J. Gajda, Marta Kaczor, Janusz M. Bujnicki, Anastasia Bakulina, Andrzej Kasperski, Alan M. Friedman, Chris Bailey-Kellogg. FILTREST3D: a Simple Method for Discrimination of Multiple Structural Models Against Spatial Restraints. (more)
17:35 Marcin Pawlowski, Janusz Bujnicki, Ryszard Matlak. Meta-MQAP: an SVM-based meta-server for the quality assessment of protein models. (more)
17:55 Wah Chiu, Matthew L Baker. Modeling Protein Components of Biological Nano-Machines in Subnanometer Resolution CryoEM Density Maps. (invited presentation)
18:25 Break: Busses to evening session
20:00 Get-together Dinner at main headquarters hotel (Oasis Atlantic Hotel).
21:00 John Moult. CASP: Progress, Bottlenecks, Prognosis, and Messages for Computational Biology.
23:00Lights out...
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