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Don't miss the opportunity to become a sponsor of 3Dsig06'

3Dsig06' welcomes sponsors to promote scientific exchange in the "Structural Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics" conference, which will take place on 4-5 August 2006 at Fortaleza, Brazil.
3Dsig06' is a satellite meeting of the ISMB annual conference of the International Society for Computational Biology, and will take place immediately after the SwissProt20 conference celebrating 20 years of SwissProt.

3Dsig06' Sponsorship Benefits include:

  • Access to a focused and worldwide audience of hundreds of participants interested in structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics. As a new and growing field, the 3Dsig06' site has become a front-door to this growing field. The homepage, abstracts therein and booklet are widely accessed year-round so your sponsorship link will be well advertised in one of the only available channels to reach this wide community.
  • Beyond quantity, the meeting will host the top leaders and topics of the field as evident from the top-notch keynotes and scientific committee steering it. To name just a few roles of these world leaders in structural genomics and computational biophysics, they include several past presidents of the International Society for Computational Biology, the co-director of the main structural bioinformatics database (PDB), the director of the European Bioinformatics Institute, the founder and co-organizer of the most important competition in structural bioinforamtics (CASP), the director of the national center for macromolecular imaging and much more.
  • Many plan to come to 3Dsig06' but not attend the main ISMB meeting so 3Dsig06' will be the only place to approach this audience.
  • Networking with the major academic and commercial research institutions that focus their basic and applied R&D activities on biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health and agriculture.
  • Links to sponsor's website from 3Dsig06's frequently-visited and highly-promoted website offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to link their institution with the structural bioinformatics and biophysical community.
  • Sales and marketing opportunities in a scientific community that is always keeping abreast of novel scientific and computational technologies.

  • 3Dsig - a Tadition of Success:

    Following the unprecedented success of the first 3Dsig conference in 2004 (Glasgow, Scotland), we are confident that 3Dsig06 will be an even greater success. 3Dsig04 was organized by top scientists in structural bioinformatics and represented a balanced blend of reviews, short presentations, and a novel laptop session. Notably, 3Dsig06' will focus on Structural Bionformatics and Computational Biophysics, thus broadening the scope of interest to industrial and academic audience alike.

    Details of the former 3Dsig04' conference can be found at the following links: Program, 101 Online Abstracts, List of 299 authors, 3Dsigbook (PDF)

    3Dsig06' Sponsorship Categories:

    3Dsig06' Poster Sponsor - 1,500 USD

    3Dsig06' Silver Sponsor - 3,000 USD
    3Dsig06' Gold Sponsor - 6,000 USD (limited to 12 sponsors)
    3Dsig06' Platinum Dinner Sponsor - 10,000 USD (limited to 1 sponsor)

    Contact: For information please contact us at 3Dsig [at] weizmann.ac.il (replace [at] with @).


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