Where Science Meets Art

Dafna Moriya
Stone Administration Building, Entrance floor

Dafna Moriya explores reality through depth, with each layer revealing yet another unknown aspect of the environment we inhabit. The hierarchy of depths, or heights, is reminiscent of our model of reality: The world of living organisms, including human beings, is unlike that of dust particles and gas molecules that compose the atmosphere; and this is entirely different from the world of microscopic organisms and living cells that make up tissues. At a greater depth, a different picture is revealed altogether, of molecules that sustain cellular life. Focusing deeper will expose the atoms that form the molecules, and diving even more deeply, one enters the realm of the subatomic particles.

Similar depths can be represented and directed within the world of thought, feeling and emotions. Dafna Moriya begins her creative process in this separation between the vertical layers of different realities – material or mental. But immediately thereafter, she compresses the different layers of depth, consolidating the various pictures of reality into one complete image, which describes and encapsulates all the states – internal or external, material or mental.

The result is an image of a dynamic existential storm, various elements of which are constantly wrestling for their place. In the painting, as in reality, each element strives to reproduce itself, to take control over resources, to reinforce and realize its advantages, then grow and live “for eternity.” Each element of Moriya’s painting struggles in its own way, color, movement, rhythm. Thus, the picture that we see is a suspended image of a particular situation in the dynamic evolutionary battle between the different factors that populate the various depths. But, in fact, reality – whether material or mental – has already moved on, leaving us, the viewers, in our own private inner journey.