Where Science Meets Art

Anne Blaich
"Dreams, Pixels, and Dots"
Stone Administration Building, Entrance floor

“Art is not what the artist sees, but what the artist gets others to see,” says Anne Blaich, of the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, Germany; and an artist whose work incorporates drawings and computerized image processing. “Art offers a break from one track of activity, enabling us to focus on abstract thinking, on dreams”.

Blaich uses ink drawings (dots, spots) along with digital image elements (pixels). She invariably begins with a pencil drawing, followed by ink. Next, she scans the finished ink drawing, and at the third stage, she subjects it to computerized processing. The outcome is therefore an amalgamation of several techniques combined with each other almost unrecognizably.

Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, she holds a PhD in biology, and has also studied illustration and photography. Her artwork has been exhibited in London, Florence, Barcelona, Gothenburg, Sao Paulo, and more.