Where Science Meets Art

Michael Slatkine
Feinberg Graduate School

Landscape painting on the Weizmann Institute campus, using a smartphone screen.

Intuition is Michael Slatkine’s first tool. His smartphone – which he terms “my studio” – merely provides the technology and space for the creative act to take place. He views the smartphone screen’s small dimensions as an advantage. Implementing a range of digital tools, his style is visually based on watercolor effects.

“To me, the Weizmann Institute is an inspiring place, as it combines the state’s Zionist story, the science, and the vision,” says Slatkine – a physicist and a Feinberg Graduate School graduate (1980). On his tours of the campus, he stops for a few moments when his eyes capture a scene, and as his hand operates the digital tools, the sketch “floats and appears” on the screen’s surface.

Slatkine has created additional series of paintings, in various towns and academic campuses across Israel. He is also the inventor of numerous patents in the field of laser applications in medicine.