Where Science Meets Art

Natalia Zourabova
"Here, Now"
Stone Administration Building, Entrance floor

Natalia Zourabova, it seems, brings "what’s there" to the forefront. Skilled and elaborate figurative painting, based on observing people and situations. This is reality as it appears at a first, focused and penetrating, glance.

Zourabova seems to halt her gaze – and brush – at the outer limits of the body, of buildings, of trees. But a lingering examination of the “situations” on the canvas produces insights and feelings that arise from internal processes taking place below the surface, below the skin, below the plaster on the wall, below plants’ green epidermis. In short, it can be said that Natalia Zourabova paints the outside, and exposes the inside.

Natalia Zourabova is a member of the New Barbizon artists’ collective, which seeks to express criticism and social stance by painting from reality. Her works are exhibited in museums and galleries in Israel and worldwide. She was born in 1975 in Moscow, studied painting from childhood, went on to attend the Russian Academy, and later, the University of the Arts in Berlin. In 2004, she immigrated to Israel and today lives in Jaffa with her daughter.