Cell-Crystal Interactions

Cell interactions at interfaces- with Prof. Benny Geiger 

Osteoclast adhesion to bone surfaces


Michal Shemesh


Osteoclasts are large, multinucleated cells from monocyte-macrophage origin that degrade bone. Osteoclasts degradation of bone is the first step in the bone remodeling process, which is responsible for maintaining our bones integrity and strength.

To learn more about the possible signals in bone that initiate and stabilize the sealing zone rings (part of the degradation machinery), we are looking at osteoclasts seeded on bone surfaces that preserve their native structure. We use live wide field optical microscopy to image the labeled Actin-GFP in cells with direct correlation to the structure and topography of bone surface. By comparing the bone surfaces before and after osteoclast interaction, we also learn about the connection between sealing zone stability and bone degradation.