Electron diffraction

Collection of diffraction patterns from nanometers to microns size crystals, or from areas within crystals (micro-ED). In the examples below, selected area apertures within the electron microscope were used to collect diffractions from small areas of the crystals.

Example projects

Biologically controlled morphology and twinning in guanine crystals

Hirsch A., Palmer B. A., Elad N., Gur D., Weiner S., Addadi L., Kronik L. & Leiserowitz L. (2017) Angewandte Chemie. 56, 32, p. 9420-9424






Two polymorphic cholesterol monohydrate crystal structures form in macrophage culture models of atherosclerosis

Varsano N., Beghi F., Elad N., Pereiro E., Dadosh T., Pinkas I., Perez-Berna A. J., Jin X., Kruth H. S., Leiserowitz L., Addadi L. (2018) PNAS. 115, 30, p. 7662-7669