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Avi Minsky
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The Weizmann Institute of Science
76100 Rehovot, Israel
telephone: +972 (8) 934-2003 

Members of the group:

Eyal Shimoni, Ph.D.
Daphna Frenkiel
Nathan [Homepage]

Research projects

DNA Organization and Survival Under Stress

A. Chromatin in starved cells

  1. High-resolution cryo-electron microscopy and electron tomography are used to investigate the structural changes that occur within cells following exposure to harsh environmental conditions and starvation. The aims of these studies are to understand the morphological factors that allow survival under stress.
  2. Using electron crystallography and single-particle reconstruction techniques, we are investigating the structures of proteins that are involved in DNA protection against drugs and oxidative agents, and hence enhance survival.
B. Chromatin organization in human sperm cells and fertility

DNA organization within sperm cells ('normal' and those obtained from patients treated with chemotherapy) and its effects upon fertility are being investigated.

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Selected publications

A. Minsky, Structural aspects of DNA repair: the role of restricted diffusion (MicroReview), Molecular Microbiology, in press [pre-assigned DOI] D. Simberg, D. Danino, Y. Talmon, A. Minsky, ME. Ferrari, CJ. Wheeler, Barenholz Y. Phase behavior, DNA ordering and size instability of cationic lipoplexes: Relevance to optimal transfection activity. J LIPOSOME RES 13 (1): 86-87 2003

D. Frenkiel-Krispin, J. Englander, E. Shimoni, M. Eisenstein, E. Bullitt, A. Minsky, Wolf SG. How DNA is packed in bacterial spores: 3D cryo-electron microscopy of the SspC-DNA helical complex. MOL BIOL CELL 13: 2093 NOV 2002

R. Goobes, N. Kahana, O. Cohen, Minsky A. Metabolic buffering exerted by macromolecular crowding on DNA-DNA interactions: Origin and physiological significance. BIOCHEMISTRY-US 42 (8): 2431-2440 MAR 4 2003 [Read online]

S. Levin-Zaidman, J. Englander, E. Shimoni, AK. Sharma, KW. Minton, Minsky A. Ringlike structure of the Deinococcus radiodurans genome: A key to radioresistance?. SCIENCE 299 (5604): 254-256 JAN 10 2003 [Read online]

A. A. Herskovits, E. Shimoni, A. Minsky, Bibi E Accumulation of endoplasmic membranes and novel membrane-bound ribosome-signal recognition particle receptor complexes in Escherichia coli. J CELL BIOL 159 (3): 403-410 NOV 11 2002 [Read online]

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S. Levin-Zaidman, D. Frenkiel-Krispin, E. Shimoni, I. Sabanay, S. G. Wolf and A. Minsky. Ordered intracellular RecA-DNA assemblies: a potential site of in-vivo RecA-mediated activities. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 97, 6791 (2000).[read online]

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N. J. Zuidam, Y. Barenholz and A. Minsky. Chiral DNA packaging in DNA-cationic liposome assemblies. FEBS Lett. 457, 419 (1999).[read online]

A. Minsky. The chiral code: from DNA primary structures to quaternary assemblies. Chiralty 10, 405 (1998).[read online]

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Z. Reich, S. Levin-Zaidman, S. B. Gutman, T. Arad and A. Minsky, Supercoiling-regulated liquid crystalline packaging of topologically-constrained, nucleosome-free DNA molecules. Biochemistry 33, 14177 (1994).

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