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The Siegfried and Irma Ullmann Professorial Chair

Phone numbers: 972-8-9343954 (Work), 2908* (Home), 2917 (Fax).

List of Recent publications

Research Interests

Members of Prof. Shanzer's Group:

David Margulies
Phone 2173*
Oved Ovadia
Phone 2685*
Miri Shoshan
Phone 2788*
K. V. Raghavendra
Phone 2685*
Yuri Tulchinsky
Phone 2173*
Meni Wanunu
Phone 3303*

Technical Assistant

Rachel Lazar
Phone 2685*

Technical Assistant Scientist

Dr. Clifford Felder
Phone 3077* Clifford

Special Outside Advisor

Dr. Shlomo Dukler

*The phone numbers listed on this page are internal phone extensions. When calling from outside the Institute, 08-934 has to be added before the number inside Israel or 972-8-934 from abroad.

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