Postdoctoral Fellowships

Alternative Energy Research at the Weizmann Institute is expanding, with activities spreading over our Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences and Mathematics faculties. Details about SAERI activities may be found in the pages of this website.

Outstanding postdoctoral candidates from abroad, who have not previously studied or completed a degree at Weizmann or in any other Israeli academic institution, wishing to join a Weizmann research group for exciting research on Energy related scientific fields, are encouraged to apply.

SAERI foreign postdocs will be awarded a two-year fellowship, and enjoy a unique opportunity - a third year fellowship (equivalent to the annual fellowship, received for the 2nd year) that can be used either at the Weizmann Institute or anywhere else the applicant wishes. The goal is to enable our postdocs an easy transition to permanent academic positions.

Program Details:

  1. Up to three SAERI postdoctoral fellowships will be offered annually; the number may exceptionally be increased for applicants that are truly outstanding, based on objective criteria.
  2. The successful applicant will be awarded a three-year fellowship.
  3. The level of the fellowship will be identical to other postdoctoral fellowships at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
  4. Other benefits, for the years that the fellow will be at the Weizmann Institute, include:
    -  an increase of the PD travel budget (for conferences, work-visits, etc.) to US $4,000/year,
    - financial support for 50% of a fellow’s rent (up to the maximum amount specified in the FGS website), in case (s)he does not use Weizmann Institute-provided housing.
  5. The first two years will be spent in the host laboratory at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
  6. Toward the end of the second year, the postdoc will inform the host and the SAERI program of his/her intentions for the third year.
  7. Should the postdoc decide to carry the fellowship to another university, a proof of acceptance to that university should be provided.
  8. The third year fellowship will be at a level identical to that of the first two years, payable in Israel or anywhere in the world.
  9. Taxation and other financial issues applicable to a fellowship being paid outside of Israel should be clarified by the candidate.
  10. Applications for the SAERI Postdoctoral Fellowship are accepted year round. Please send your full applications for review according to the instructions set forth in this page.

How to Apply:

  1. We look forward to your application. Before submitting the SAERI postdoctoral fellowship application, the applicant should find a host in one of the research groups that is active in sustainability/alternative energy research. Possible research groups are listed in this site under the research-groups tab, but other Weizmann groups are also welcome.
  2. Please fill out the online application forms for a postdoc at Weizmann found at: applying for a postdoctoral fellowshipon the Weizmann Feinberg Graduate School (“FGS”) website.  
  3. Please note that the SAERI postdoctoral fellowship application may be submitted (according to the instructions below) only after the applicant has received an acceptance letter from FGS and only prior to or shortly (2-3 months) after the applicants’ arrival at WIS.
  4. The application should contain the following documents: detailed CV and LOP, a brief research statement (up to 2 pages), an acceptance letter from the FGS, a support letter from the host in which he states that he is willing to accept the applicant unequivocally, two letters of recommendation and a statement by the applicant and his host on whether they have applied, or will apply, for other competitive fellowships and that if they get such fellowship, they will inform SAERI, so as to reduce the financial burden on the limited resources of SAERI.
  5. All documents should be emailed together to Daphna Yahav at (letters of recommendation should be emailed separately, directly by the referees).