Research Interests 

My work in the past years was intended to introduce advanced interdisciplinary topics to the physics and chemistry high school curriculum, and to improve students' learning skills required in the physics classroom. 

Main projects:

  1. "Soft and Messy Matter" - an interdisciplinary, two-year program for chemistry and physics majors. Students participating in the program study basic concepts in statistical thermodynamics that allow them later on to study advanced, interdisciplinary topics such as colloid and interface science, complex fluids, polymer science and cell mechanics. The project team includes: Dr. Shelly Livne and Dr. Ron Blonder from the Department of Science Teaching, Elon Langbeheim (Ph.D. student), and Prof. Sam Safran of the Department of Materials and Interfaces.
  2. "High School Physics - A Gateway for Arab Students to the Technically Oriented Fields" – practice based professional development and research that focus on developing learning skills in the context of problem solving in high school physics. The project team includes: Dr. Rafa' Safadi (Visiting Scientist) and an Sawsan Ailabouni (M.Sc. student,)
  3. "Web-based diagnostic modules in introductory physics" –web-administered instructional activities that involve students in deliberate reflection while solving problems in physics and analyzing their own and their peers’ mistakes. The project team includes: Dr. Esther Bagno, Menashe Puterkovsky (Ph.D. student).