The annual Weizmann lecture of the Swiss Society

Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Credit: Mario Heller

Credit: Mario Heller

More than 250 guests gathered for the annual Weizmann lecture of the Swiss Society at the University of Zurich on November 21.

The lecture typically shines a spotlight on areas of research at the Institute, is an established and successful annual tradition in Zurich.

Prof. Daniel Zajfman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science, gave an overview of recent key developments on campus and explained the value of basic scientific research and its importance to humanity. Prof. Ada Yonath, the 2009 Nobel laureate in chemistry, shared her personal journey as a scientist, including descriptions of her current research.

Celine Heimhofer, one of eight Swiss participants in the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence Summer Science Institute (ISSI) Swiss group in 2017 talked about her memorable experiences in the program and how she believes it will shape her career.

The lecture was followed by a festive dinner with Swiss Society board members and guests.

Mr. Eric Stupp, Chairman of the Swiss Society of Friends, concluded the evening by expressing the commitment of the Swiss Society to support and advance the Weizmann Institute’s mission of advancing science for the benefit of humanity.