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World-leading science is the result of a strong partnership between the brightest scientists, visionary leadership, and thoughtful philanthropy. As a world leader in scientific research and science education, the Weizmann Institute is able to hire the best and brightest young scientists, build and maintain advanced facilities and laboratories, purchase the latest high-tech equipment, provide highly trained support staff, offer the best graduate education possible, and to continuously develop and expand our capacity to conduct outside-the-box, curiosity-driven research.

Philanthropic support is vital for meeting our ambitious long-term goals. We rely on the generosity of our friends to advance these goals, and invite them to take part in the global Weizmann community that cares deeply about science and the benefits that it garners for humanity. We offer a range of funding possibilities to match our donors’ philanthropic aspirations and abilities, including professorial chairs, funding for new scientists, physical facilities and equipment, interdisciplinary research centers and institutes, and student and postdoctoral scholarships and housing. To consider a gift, please consult with your local committee of friends.

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Tamar Levine
Head, Department of Resource Development

Tel: +972-8-934-3849

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