Innovation & Technology transfer

Technology transfer is the process in which knowledge, discoveries and inventions are made accessible to the general public. Technology transfer is carried out through research publications, education programs, and by turning technology into products via commercialization.

The Weizmann Institute of Science has a long and extremely successful history of technology transfer, which has greatly contributed to the Institute’s mission of “science for the benefit of humanity.”

Vice President for Innovation and Technology Transfer Office

The mission of the Weizmann Institute's Innovation and Technology Transfer Office is to secure and protect the Weizmann Institute’s intellectual property, by identifying, evaluating and supporting the scientific breakthroughs achieved by the Institute. In doing so, the discoveries made by the Weizmann Institute can contribute to the creation of new technologies developed for the benefit of humanity.

Bina: Bridge. Innovate. Nurture. Advance

Bina—Bridge. Innovate. Nurture. Advance—is a new, scientific research unit that aims to create an ecosystem of innovation and translational research at the Weizmann Institute by identifying the applicative potential of new, early stage ideas and technologies, as well as through education, mentoring programs and networking activities.

Yeda Research & Development

Yeda Research and Development Ltd. is the commercial branch of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Yeda holds an exclusive right to commercialize the unique intellectual property developed by the scientists at the Weizmann Institute.