Faculties and departments

The Weizmann Institute conducts research and offers graduate education in the breadth of scientific disciplines, with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary investigation. The Institute is comprised of five faculties and 18 departments and additional service units.


Faculty of Biochemistry

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The Faculty of Biochemistry is one of two faculties of Life Sciences at the Institute. Biochemistry research focuses on the processes of life at the levels of molecules, cells, organs, organisms and ecosystems. At the basis of all these levels of organization are the biomolecules, including DNA, RNA, proteins, polysaccharides and small molecules.
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Faculty of Biology

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The Faculty of Biology is one of two faculties of Life Sciences at the Institute. Together with the Faculty of Biochemistry, research efforts span the understanding of life at all levels, from the molecule to the cell and the entire organism. Research spans immunology, the human brain, the body’s regulatory processes, and more.
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Faculty of Chemistry

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The Faculty of Chemistry advances the dream of Dr. Chaim Weizmann, an organic chemist, who was the original visionary of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Research in the Faculty covers a broad spectrum of avenues, ranging from theory to experimentation, and from the nano to the planetary scales.
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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

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The faculty consists of the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. The research carried out in the faculty ranges from abstract and theoretical studies within mathematics and computer science, through using and applying mathematics and computer science in other sciences, to their application in concrete industrial developments.

Faculty of Physics

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The Faculty of Physics advances research in the physics of complex systems, condensed matter physics, and particle physics and astrophysics, and a unit of physical services. There is about an equal number of experimentalists and theorists.

Department of Science Teaching

The Department of Science Teaching at the Weizmann Institute was created in 1968 by Professor Amos De Shalit. It is a full-fledged academic department whose main mission is to advance the field of science and mathematics education at large, and to advance science and mathematics education in Israel. A central goal of the department is to develop academic and practical leadership in mathematics and science education.
Archaeology Unit

The Scientific Archaeology Unit

The Weizmann Institute has an active program in archaeology that integrates tools and methods from biology and chemistry into the study of archaeology, toward a better understanding of history and the development of human societies.