The Chemical Physics Department is truly interdisciplinary, touching a broad range of topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • David Tannor
    Quantum Mechanics effects on the motion of molecules
  • Oren Tal
    Molecular Quantum Conductors
  • Assaf Tal
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Itamar Procaccia
    Nonlinear Physics of Complex Systems
  • Yehiam Prior
    Non-Linear Optics
  • Edvardas Narevicius
    Cold Chemistry
  • Ron Naaman
    Molecular electronics
  • Gershon Kurizki
    Quantum Optics and Thermodynamics
  • Gilad Haran
    Single-molecule Biophysics and Molecular Plasmonics
  • Nir Gov
    Physics problems in Biology, Soft-Matter & other systems
  • Daniella Goldfarb
    EPR spectroscopy in Biophysics and Structural Biology
  • Lucio Frydman
    New techniques in NMR
  • Eli Pollak
    Quantum Dynamics in Real Time
  • Ilya Averbukh
    Light Matter interactions
  • Eran Bouchbinder
    Condensed-matter physics, Materials physics and Biophysics
  • Barak Dayan
    Quantum Optics - single photons & single atoms.