In our group we aim to control and understand electronic transport at the smallest possible length scale by using individual molecules, atoms or atomic chains as electronic conductors. We take advantage of the structural richness of molecules, the physics of low dimensional materials, and the chemistry of nanoscale interfaces to demonstrate intriguing material properties and novel transport effects that emerge at the atomic scale.


For example, we used the unique properties of metal-oxide atomic chains to demonstrate unprecedented spin filtering at the nanoscale, which is important for the development of spin based electronics (Nano Letters 2015). Recently, we explored the upper limit of electronic conductance across metal-molecule interfaces, finding fundamental mechanisms for conductance saturation at an upper value (Nature Materials 2016).


Our research interest includes:

  • Electronic spin transport and nanoscale magnetism
  • Heat transport and heat to electric power conversion at the nanoscale
  • Electro-mechanical effects in molecular conductors
  • The upper limit of electronic conductance across molecular conductors


We have open positions for postdoc, PhD and master studies in both chemistry and physics tracks.