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The Dana and Yossie Hollander Centre for Structural Proteomics (ISPC) at the Weizmann Institute of Science, directed by Prof Gideon Schreiber and Prof Joel L. Sussman, was founded in 2002 with the support of the Israel Ministry of Science and the Divadol Foundation. It serves as an Israeli National Center for protein production, biochemical/biophysical studies and structure determination. The ISPC provides a service for the determination and analsysis of protein structures for scientists both at the Weizmann and at other academic institutions and biotech/pharma companies in Israel and abroad, as well as providing 'in house' training and consultation for students and staff. The ISPC was part of the European Union SPINE2, TeachSG and FESP projects. It is now one of the 6 core partners in the Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure in Europe (INSTRUCT) project.

The ISPC has developed key new tools for studying protein structure/function:

  • Cloning & expression in bacteria, yeast, Baculovirus and HEK 293 cells
  • Purification & screening of folding conditions
  • HTP robotic crystallization
  • eMovie: A storyboard-based tool for making molecular movies
  • Visualization of 3D protein structures at the Jean Goldwurm 3D Visualization Theater
  • Proteopedia Joel: The collaborative 3D encyclopedia of proteins and other molecules

    Upcoming Conferences:
    International Conference on Structural Genomics, Deep Sequencing Meets Structural Biology (June 7-11, 2015)

    Recent events:
    Protein expression and characterization workshop (May 11-12, 2014)
    European Integrated Structural Biology Infrastructure Launching (Feb, 2012)

    Additional ISPC activities:
    2nd BIOMics Workshop and Conference (Nov, 2010)
    Chinese Science Minister at the ISPC (May, 2010)
    SPINE2 Workshop on New Strategies for Cloning & Expression of Protein Complexes in E. coli & Insect Cells (Nov, 2009)
    TeachSG BIOMics Workshop and Conference (Sep, 2009)
    ISPC Retreat, Jerusalem (Jul, 2007)
    SESAME Meeting, Jordan (Dec, 2005)
    INPEC Meeting 2005 (Nov, 2005)
    SPINE Workshop on Micro-batch Protein Crystallization (Feb, 2005)

    Several books have been edited by ISPC members: "Structural Proteomics and Its Impact on Life Sciences", "Computational Protein-Protein Interactions" and "From Molecules to Medicine".

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