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We have researchers working in a range of areas, including a variety of topics in mathematics and its applications, computer science, vision, and computational biology. See the list of our seminars for an indication of our areas of activity.

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The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science mourns the death of its member Professor Emeritus Mikhail Solomyak, who passed away on Sunday, July 31,...

Congratulations to Dima Gourevitch who was awarded the 2016 Levinson Prize in Mathematics

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Randomness and Probability

Classical probability theory, stochastic processes, statistical data analysis, and randomness and computation.

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Systems and Applications

Mathematical systems, games, software and systems engineering, distributed computing, and communication networks.

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Scientific Computations

Numerical analysis, numerical methods, computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry and physics, data analysis and structure.

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Mathematical Biology and Biomatics

Computational biology, mathematical and computational models of biological systems, bioinformatics.

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Dynamical Systems and Applied Mathematics

Flow processes and fluid dynamics, geophysical dynamics, biological dynamics, chaos, control theory, mathematical economics.

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Complexity, Algorithms and Cryptography

Computational complexity, pseudo-randomness, cryptography and cryptoanalysis, design and analysis of algorithms.

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Analysis and Geometry

Classical and modern analysis and their applications, geometry of high dimensional spaces, convexity, ordinary and partial differential equations.

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Algebra and Number Theory

Group Theory, algebras and their representations, elementary and modern number theory and aspects of algebraic geometry.

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Tamar Flash , elected as a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , 2016
Shimon Ullman , elected as a Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences , 2016
Anat Levin , winner of the 2015 Michael Bruno Memorial Award in Computer Vision , 2015
Eran Segal , winner of the 2015 Michael Bruno Memorial Award in Computational Biology , 2015
Shafi Goldwasser , on being elected member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities , 2015