Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars play an integral role in the daily life of the Weizmann Institute of Science.The language of instruction at the Feinberg Graduate School (FGS) and in the lab is English. Visiting scholars—faculty, postdocs, and students—infuse our labs with their expertise from a diversity of countries and institutions, and at the same time learn from our scientists and ultimately become part of a worldwide network of scientists with deep ties to the Weizmann Institute.

All students attend FGS tuition-free and receive a living stipend, and are prohibited from taking on outside work so that they may devote themselves fully to their studies.

Students and postdocs

Prospective visiting students and postdoctoral fellows must independently reach out to principal investigators to select a lab in which to work, and apply for acceptance through the Feinberg Graduate School (FGS). Together with the PI, students may determine the length of your visit and area of focus. Detailed information exists on the application process, fellowships, passport and visa information, housing options, and more is available on the FGS website. The graduate school oversees logistics for visiting students and postdocs.

Visiting faculty

Prospective visiting faculty members must reach out independently to principal investigators to select the lab in which to work. Together with the PI, visiting scientists may determine their research area of focus and length of stay. Detailed information about passport and visa information, housing, and life in Israel is available on the Visiting Scientists website.