Visiting Students Program

If you are interested in studying at the Feinberg Graduate School for a short period of time ─ either for training purposes or as part of scientific cooperation with one of the Weizmann Institute’s research groups ─ you can seek recognition as a visiting student. Visiting students at the Feinberg Graduate School are exempt from tuition fees, are entitled to take courses, and are subject to the school’s regulations concerning courses and exams. You can receive the status of visiting student for one week up to one year. However, if the WIS scientist who is your host is also your official co-advisor, the Feinberg Graduate School may consider an extension of your status.


To be recognized as a visiting student, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a full-time student studying for a degree at a recognized academic institution.
  • Reach out independently to a principal investigator (PI) at the Weizmann Institute to select the lab you wish to work in. An Institute PI must host you during your time at FGS.If you do not hold an Israeli passport, you must have a student visa (see International Students).
  • You must sign the Weizmann Institute’s Intellectual Property Form (see below).
  • You must have valid medical insurance that covers you for while you are in Israel (see International Students).
  • Sufficient funds have been secured to sustain your stay at the Weizmann Institute of Science (see below).

How to apply

If you are interested in being a visiting student, the first step is to reach out independently to a principal investigator (PI) at the Weizmann Institute to select the lab you wish to work in. An Institute PI must host you during your time at FGS. The scientific department to which this scientist belongs must contact the relevant FGS faculty coordinator and complete the approval process, which includes filling out an online application and submitting the following documents:

  • Official confirmation from the student registrar of the institution where you study, indicating that you are a full-time  student during the academic year in which you will be a visiting student. If your hosting scientist is one of your co-advisors, the confirmation should state this explicitly.
  • Photocopy of your identity card (if you are Israeli) or of the passport page with your photograph (if you are a foreign citizen).
  • Signed Intellectual Property Agreement form.

Only the hosting department may apply on your behalf. In addition to submitting the online visiting student form, the hosting department must supply the Feinberg Graduate School with the required confirmation from your home institution prior to your arrival. Note that a visiting student has no legal status at the Weizmann Institute without the approval of the graduate school.

IP Forms

All visiting students must sign the Weizmann Institute’s Intellectual Property Form

If you are a PhD student and you would like to be at the Weizmann Institute of Science then you must ask the authorized party at your home institution to sign the IP form in addition to signing one yourself. This requirement does not apply to undergraduate or MSc students.


As a visiting student, you are entitled to receive a transcript listing courses taken and completed while studying at the Weizmann Institute. This service is free of charge.

Joint Degrees or Double Degrees

The Weizmann Institute of Science does not award double degrees or joint degrees with other institutions of higher learning. If you are a visiting student, you may not declare or state anywhere that you were awarded a degree by the Weizmann Institute of Science. This holds true even if part or all of your research was done in one of the research groups at the Weizmann Institute, or if an Institute faculty member was officially recognized by your university as your thesis co-advisor.

Certification of Academic Status

As a visiting student, you are entitled to the certification of your academic status as a visiting student at the Weizmann Institute. This service is free of charge.

Student Housing

Students visiting from outside of Israel may reside in the Feinberg Graduate School’s student housing facilities. The minimum stay is four weeks and the maximum stay is one year. However, available housing is scarce and it is highly recommended that you apply well in advance.

Required Funding and Fellowship Payments

It is the host's responsibility ensure that their visiting students have sufficient funds to sustain themselves while at the WIS.

Funding may be secured by the home institution of the visiting student; and/or by the host at the WIS; and/or by the visiting student him/herslef; and/or by another party.

Tthe recommended level of funding per month is at least at the level of a monthly MSc fellowship at the FGS.

Funding Opportunities for International Visiting Students

The Government of Israel offers scholarships to international students and postdoctoral fellows as defined in the Cultural Agreements between Israel and certain countries.

Support is offered for a period of up to eight months.

The deadline for applications is November 30.

For further information concerning eligibility and application procedures, see the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs relevant webpage

You may also write to:

Fellowship Payment for Israeli Visiting Students

If you are an Israeli citizen who is a visiting student at the Feinberg Graduate School, and you are registered as a student at an Israeli Institution of Higher Learning, then you are NOT eligible to receive a fellowship or to be reimbursed for expenses.

Campus Services

Visiting Students are entitled to benefit from all campus and research services.

Faculty Coordinators

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