PhD Travel Allowance

Travel allowance for PhD students

As a doctoral student at the Feinberg Graduate School, you are eligible to receive a travel allowance for conferences and international courses. These travel fellowships are awarded through your individual research budget, in accordance with the school’s regulations. The following sections provide details regarding your individual research budget, and how to use the money in your budget to cover the costs of attending conferences and international courses.

What is your individual travel budget

If you are a full-time doctoral student receiving a fellowship from the Weizmann Institute, an individual travel budget has been opened on your behalf, assuming you have met the requirements for submission deadlines.

Each time you submit your research proposal or interim report, the school verifies that you have met the submission deadlines. If you did, the school transfers your travel allowance to your individual travel budget, in the following amounts:

  • In the month following submission of your research proposal, you receive $2,000 in NIS.
  • In the month following submission of your interim report, you receive $2,250 in NIS.

Note: Students accepted to the Direct PhD Track are eligible for the same allowance.

Time limit for your travel budget

You may make use of the entire credit in your individual research budget, on condition that you comply with academic requirements and submit your reports and thesis in accordance with official deadlines. Keep in mind, however, that your budget will be revoked and forbidden for use (if credit remains) when the earliest of the following conditions is met:

  • Since the starting date of your PhD, 54 months have passed (not including IDF reserve service or maternity leave).
  • Your doctoral fellowship payments have ceased.
  • The Dean of the school has directed that your allowance should cease.


How to access your travel budget

You may access your travel budget through the TAFNIT system. The username and password for this purpose are identical to those with which you access your e-mail accounts and Internal Services.

Using Your individual travel budget

Your individual travel budget is designated to cover your own expenses for conferences taking place during your doctoral studies, while you have the status of a PhD student.

You may use this budget for travel expenses only after completing the Travel Expenses Form through the TAFNIT system. Alternatively, you may authorize someone else to complete the request on your behalf and in your name, through TAFNIT.

In general, your departmental administrator is not required to handle or approve requests for trips, unless traveling expenses are also funded from other sources, or in a case where the balance in the individual budget is insufficient to finance the journey.

Traveling is conditional on obtaining all of the permits required for Weizmann Institute scientists, students and staff. Upon returning from your trip, you must report your expenses using a form on the TAFNIT system.

Other Use of the travel budget

The travel budget may be used to cover conference related expenses only. It may NOT be used for the purchase of a computer or any other equipment.

Approval of payments

Payments from your individual budget will be approved only if you have sufficient funds in your account. Under no circumstances will withdrawals be allowed that place the balance in deficit ─ even if the next allowance is expected to be transferred, in the near future, into your budget. Requests for exceptional expenses will not be considered.

Freezing or closing the budget

The Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School may freeze, revoke or reduce your travel allowance in the following cases:

  • You fail to meet your mandatory academic requirements.
  • You submit your progress reports or thesis after the deadline without prior approval.
  • You commit a disciplinary offense.

If you cease your studies without completing all of your PhD requirements, your individual research budget will be revoked. However, you will not be obliged to return the allowances received due to previous reports and that have already been utilized.