Student Housing

The Weizmann Institute of Science offers intentional students and postdoctoral fellows a limited housing located both on campus and in areas surrounding the campus.


Student housing is offered only to:

  • International full-time students
  • international postdoctoral fellows
  • international visiting students

Housing Facilities

  • For international students, we offer furnished studio apartments for single students and married couples.
  • For international postdoctoral fellows, we offer various sizes of apartment, depending upon your family size.
  • We do not offer any accommodation for students with children. 

More information is available in the relevant section of the Visiting Scientists and Housing Branch website. 

How to Apply

Students who wish to apply for student housing must do so online.

Current full-time students should use an online application form (available within the WIS system only).

 Candidates who have been accepted to the Feinberg Graduate School but haven't started studies yet should use the userid and password received when they applied to FGS to access this online application form. Married and common-law couples must provide the necessary documents to the FGS and update their status before submitting an application.

Management and Contact

Student housing on and off Campus is administrated by the Visiting Scientists and Hosing Branch

Student Housing Contact

Aileen Halbershtat, Head, Student Housing
Office: +972-8-934-4003
Cell: +972-50-510-9750

Postdoc Housing Contact

Visiting Scientists Team
Office: +972-8-934-3955


    • FGS students may reside in Student Housing for a maximum (cumulative) stay of up to twenty-four months. International full-time students may enjoy a substantial extension.
Students with children may not reside in student housing.
    • Visiting students may stay in the dormitories that are designated for visiting students, for a minimum period of one month, and up to a maximum period of one year.
    • International postdoctoral fellows may be allowed to stay in student housing for a bridging period, upon arrival and until a lease of an off-campus apartment is signed. The bridging period may be for a maximum time period of up to a few weeks.


    The following regulations apply to residents of student housing:

    • Residents must keep their quarters clean and refrain from making noise.
    • Cooking is allowed only in designated areas.
    • Smoking regulations must be observed.
    • Technical and other repairs are done by WIS staff only.
    • You are not allowed to remove furniture and equipment from the rooms.
    • Guests may stay overnight only under special circumstances and with prior approval.
    • Adding a personal piece of furniture must be coordinated with the housemother in advance.
    • Pets are not allowed on residence premises.
    • Parties are allowed only in accordance with a strict set of regulations.
    • No washing machines or driers are allowed in the rooms.
    • It is strictly forbidden to enter maintenance rooms or climb up to the roofs.



    The following are monthly rental fees in NIS as of October 1, 2014. Please note that rates for FGS students do NOT include electricity; electricity is charged separately. Rates for visiting students include electricity.

    Clore House

    • Room (Single): MSc 1,390
    • Room (Single): PhD 1,850
    • Room (Couple): MSc 1,850
    • Room (Couple): PhD 2,310
    • Shelter Room (Couple): PhD 1,760
    • Shelter Room (Couple): PhD 2,220


    Ruthie and Sami Cohn

    • Room (Single): MSc 1,000
    • Room (Single): PhD 1,200
    • Room (Couple): MSc 1,500
    • Room (Couple): PhD 1,700
    • Room (Single): Visiting Students 1,000


    Kennedy House

    • Room (Shared): Visiting Students: 700

    Undertaking Form

    Each resident must sign an Undertaking Form before receiving a key to his or her room.