Admissions Procedures

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Acceptance to a PhD program at the Feinberg Graduate School involves an admissions procedure that usually takes several weeks to complete. After you submit your application, finishing the process successfully requires an awareness of the multiple parts of the procedure and a careful adherence to its requirements and regulations. Follow the sequence of steps defined below in the order in which they appear, and be sure to complete each step before proceeding to the next one.

Admission to a PhD program at the Feinberg Graduate School is open to applicants of any religion, race, color, national origin, age, disability or gender. The school, which includes individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, is proud of its diverse student body.

The Screening Process

After you submit your application, a screening process begins, which involves the following steps:

Step 1

The Feinberg Graduate School office sends your completed application file to the relevant Board of Studies for review. The review process may take several weeks.


Step 2

The Chair of the Board of Studies recommends one of the following options:

  • Acceptance
  • Rejection
  • Invitation for an interview (see Interview)


Step 3

The Chair forwards a recommendation to the Dean of the Feinberg Graduate School. If an interview is required, the Chair waits to receive feedback from the Admissions Committee before submitting a recommendation to the Dean. The Dean evaluates your file and decides whether you are accepted to the program.


Note: Not all candidates are required to have an interview.

As part of the screening process, you may be invited by the Board of Studies for an interview with the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Committee includes two or three scientists in the field of study to which you applied. Interviews usually takes place two to three weeks after the Board makes a decision.

After the interview, the Admissions Committee sends an evaluation to the Chair of your Board of Studies, who makes a decision regarding your suitability to the program. In some cases, further consultations are needed before a final decision is reached, which can extend the procedure by several weeks.

Interviews usually last between thirty and sixty minutes, depending on the area of study. During the interview, you will be expected to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter and be ready to answer questions about your MSc research. The Admissions Committee is interested in evaluating other parameters, as well, including your reasoning capabilities, creativity and analytical approach.

Notification of Acceptance

A signature form indicates your acceptance to a PhD program. After you receive your signature form, the deadline for returning it to the Feinberg Graduate School office depends on your department of study:

  • For the physical sciences, chemical sciences, science teaching, and mathematics & computer science: You are required to return the signed form immediately.
  • For the life sciences: You are allowed up to ten weeks to find an advisor and submit the form to the Feinberg Graduate School office.
  • Your signature form must be signed by several parties.

When you receive the form, follow these steps:

  • Read the Code of Ethics for FGS students.
  • Obtain current information from your advisor, the head of your research group, regarding dangerous materials and other safety issues that are pertinent to your group’s laboratories, and which may endanger your health or safety.
  • Sign the form. Note the starting date approved by your advisor, which is indicated on the form.
  • Ask your advisor to sign the form.
  • With the help of the department secretary, arrange for your department head to sign the form, and verify that it has been returned to the Feinberg Graduate School office.

After the Feinberg Graduate School office receives your signature form, you will be sent a letter of admission, which you should receive soon before the starting date of your studies. In certain cases, the letter of admission is sent together with the signature form.


Once you receive your letter of admission, you must register at the office of your scientific department, and you must also complete your administrative registration:

  • To register at the office of your scientific department: Contact the secretary of the scientific department to which your research group belongs. Introduce yourself and obtain updated information regarding department regulations. The department secretary will provide you with assistance regarding research services, including email and computer services.
  • To complete your administrative registration: After you submit your signature form to the Feinberg Graduate School office, you will be contacted by the Coordinator of Fellowships and Administrative Registration at the Feinberg Graduate School office to schedule a meeting to complete the administrative registration process. Sign a form of consent concerning intellectual property rights. No student is allowed to start studies or receive a fellowship without signing this form. For more information about IP regulations at the Weizmann Institute, see VP for Technology Transfer.

After Registration is Complete

When you complete your administrative registration, you are required to have your photograph taken and undergo safety training, and you are entitled to a confirmation of studies document, student card and vehicle entry pass.

Safety Training

As a new student, you are required to attend safety training even if you had similar training at another institution. An obligatory safety course is offered annually in the first week of the first semester. In addition, if you are a life sciences student who will be conducting research with animals, you are required to receive special training. For more information, see the Department of Safety, which coordinates safety training.


Confirmation of Studies

A document confirming your status as a full-time student can be obtained, upon request, during the Graduate School’s office hours.


Vehicle Entry Pass

Entry stickers for cars can be obtained from WIS Security, located at the ground floor (room 15) of the Raoul and Graziella de Picciotto Building for Scientific and Technical Support.


Student Card

Information concerning the student card and how to get it is available on the Student / Fellow Card page under Services in this website.


If your application has been rejected, you may submit a letter of appeal. The Feinberg Graduate School will review the appeal and reevaluate your candidacy.

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