Course attendance by auditors

The  majority of courses offered by the Feinberg Graduate School are, usually, open to anyone who is interested. Nevertheless, the school reserves the right to limit the participation in certain courses to its MSc and PhD students only.

Tuition fees

The Feinberg Graduate School does not charge tuition fees.

Courses and exams

Unlike other universities and centers of higher education, auditors at the Feinberg Graduate School may take exams and receive grades. For further details about the process, please see Courses and Examinations, and note the school’s particular rules and regulations  .

Access to online course materials

Access to online course materials may be granted to auditors by the FGS Coordinator for Courses - subject to following conditions:

  • The auditor must be enrolled in one of the courses offered in the relevant academic year.
  • The auditor must appear, in person, before the FGS Coordinator for Courses and present an ID card, or, or Israeli driver's licence.
  • The auditor must sign a special statement concerning the terms of use of this service.


Registering for courses as an auditor

If you do not have the status of a PhD or MSc student at the Feinberg Graduate School and you would like to take a course that is not limited to FGS students only  then please fill in this registration form and email it to the Courses and Exams Coordinator at the FGS. Israeli citizens must attach to the form an Israeli ID card and international citizens must attach to it the title page of their passport.

Please note that grades are published approximately two months after the last day of exams. It is the sole responsibility of auditors to approach FGS, find out about their grades and ask for a transcript.

Retaking exams

Auditors are not allowed to retake exams. This means that, for auditors, there is no “Moed Bet.”

Confirmation of participation and grades

The Feinberg Graduate School does NOT provide auditors with letters of confirmation regarding participation in courses, or with entry permits for vehicles. Auditors are issued only grade transcripts. No exceptions are made.

To obtain your grade transcript, send an email to the Coordinator of the Courses and Exams . Information pertaining to grades is not shared over the phone. Each query by email must contain:

  • Your full name (in Hebrew and in English)
  • Your ID number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your cell phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your course number
  • Your course title
  • Lecturer’s name

Transfer of Credit Points

The Boards of Studies at the Feinberg Graduate School may credit students for courses taken when they were auditors, provided that the courses are recognized (generally speaking) by the relevant Board of Studies, and that no more than five years have passed since the courses were taken.

FGS Coordinator