MSc Research Proposal

As an MSc student, you will be expected to submit a research proposal, based on experimental or theoretical study. The work may be part of a larger project, or an independent one. The scope and subject of your research must be determined in consultation with your advisor. It is possible to include preliminary results in your proposal.

Deadline for your Research Proposal

Your proposal must be submitted to the Feinberg Graduate School, before the end of your first academic year, for the approval procedures. 

Current information concerning the deadline for the submission of your research proposal is available online.

If necessary, you may file a fully detailed request with the Board of Studies to postpone submission of your Research Proposal.

Submitting Your Research Proposal

Your research proposal must be submitted as a PDF file via the online uploading service.

Technical Details

When uploading your thesis, please keep in mind the following criteria:

  • Your Research Proposal should be written in English (except for students of Science Teaching).
  • Your Research Proposal should not exceed three pages, excluding the title page, abstract, pictures, graphs and bibliography.
  • The preferred font is Times New Roman size 12; line spacing should be 1.5; and margins should be 1.5 cm.

Structuring the Proposal

Your research proposal should include the following sections:

  • Title page
    The title page should include (in English and Hebrew) the subject of your thesis, your name, name(s) of your advisor(s), date of submission, and the sentence “Research Proposal for the MSc Degree.” For your convenience, provided herewith is a WORD template of the title page.
  • Abstract
    Up to half a page in length.
  • Introduction and preliminary results:
    This includes scientific background and definition of the open issues in your field. You may include preliminary results by others in your group, as well as results you have already obtained that are relevant to your project.
  • Goals
    This section should explicitly and succinctly state the scientific question you wish to answer, or the hypothesis you wish to examine. It may be presented as an itemized list.
  • Work plan
    This section should outline the experiments or lines of research you wish to perform one by one, as well as the expected results according to your hypothesis. You should not go into great detail and should not explain standard methodologies. Instead, outline the technical approach, the controls, and possible pitfalls. It should be written in such a way that it will be clear to another scientist outside of your research group.
  • Literature
    You must include a list of literary sources quoted in the text, or relevant to your research.

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