About the PhD Program

The best students. From every type of background

At the Weizmann Institute, the breadth of research collaborations and an international student body combine to create an unusual atmosphere ─ and a profile that rivals that of any leading research institution in the world.

As a PhD student at the Weizmann Institute, you will be joining a highly diverse community of intelligent and committed scientists from many countries, working directly with research groups at the forefront of their fields internationally. The Institute’s exceptional staff and facilities provide a powerful foundation for your professional future, whether you aim to join the next generation of academic researchers and teachers or to build a successful career in other fields.

The Weizmann Institute offers a number of different PhD tracks in multiple fields of study. For additional information, contact the FGS Faculty Coordinator who handles your field of study. For detailed information about our application procedure, see How to Apply.


PhD tracks

  • Direct PhD Track: Derived directly from the FGS MSc program; MSc students at the FGS are eligible to apply for transition to the direct PhD track toward the end of their second year.
  • Regular PhD Track: Designed for applicants who have an MSc degree with a thesis or an MD from an accredited local or foreign institution of higher learning (or other certificate deemed equivalent by the specific Board of Studies).


Finding an advisor (i.e. a research group)

Acceptance to a PhD program is contingent on finding an advisor who is a senior ranking member of the Weizmann Institute’s research staff. Therefore, you must make the necessary arrangements with a potential advisor prior to submission of your application file and its review by the Board of Studies. You must ensure that your application file contains a support letter from your potential advisor. If your potential advisor is scheduled to be on a leave of absence for more than three months during the first year of your studies then you will not be able to start your PhD until their return to the Institute.


Information on potential research groups

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