Senior Postdoc Application

To apply for training in this category you must meet the requirements outlined on the “Categories and Admission Requirements” page, and in addition, you must have completed at least two years of postdoctoral training at an accredited institution of higher education different from the one where you obtained your PhD or MD degree. Regular postdoctoral fellows at the Weizmann Institute may apply to transfer to senior postdoctoral fellowship status after 2-3 years of regular postdoctoral training. The applications are reviewed by a committee headed by the Chair of the Postdoctoral Training Program. The review process may include a personal interview.


There are two deadlines each year for applications for senior postdoctoral fellowships. Please consult the How to Apply page for the exact dates.  


You need to follow the instructions specified on the How to Apply page and pay special attention to comments related to Applicants for the Senior Postdoc status.

Important Notes:

  • Candidates who were not successful in a previous round may re-apply only once, and only after discussing their application with the Chair of the Postdoctoral Program. Please consider the appropriate deadline for re-application very carefully, since candidates whose applications are not approved for the second time will not be allowed to re-apply in future deadlines.
  • FGS Ph.D. graduates may apply for Senior postdoctoral training only if they have completed at least two years of postdoctoral training at another academic institution