Information Systems

Services Available to Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

The Division of Information Systems provides scientists and students at the Weizmann Institute with advanced networking, communications, computer system services, security and support, applications developing and implementation, and internet and library services to Institute scientists, students and administrators. It oversees the smooth implementation of an integrated computing environment, as well as maintaining the infrastructure upon which these information technology services are delivered. The Division consists of three Branches: The IT Infrastructure Branch, the Applications Branch, and the Libraries Branch.

Terms of Use

  • The use of WIS information systems is restricted to scientific research, educational programs and teaching.
  • The use of WIS computing systems, email systems and all other communication and information systems for other purposes is prohibited.
  • The use of illegally installed software is absolutely forbidden. Any abuse of these systems will result in severe punitive actions, beginning by blocking the right to use these systems.

Help Desk 

Call (08-934-)4444

WeizmannNet Mobile Application

The application is available now for download in the App store and Google Play. The App provides easy access to useful Weizmann services such as the Institute Directory, Integrated Calendar, Weizmann on WAZE, System Health, Today’s Menus and other useful services...