Professional Training Insurance

The Weizmann Institute provides students with professional training insurance from the National Insurance Institute. The insurance offers coverage in case there is an accident during a student’s studies. It provides coverage for all students, including MSc and PhD students as well as international students and visiting students. All students are insured as of February, 2014. All postdoctoral fellows are covered by the National Insurance Authority.

What is covered?

The professional training insurance includes coverage for accidents that are part of a student’s professional training, i.e., accidents that took place while a student was studying at the Institute, or was on the way to the Institute or on the way home from the Institute. Insurance coverage is subject to compliance with the conditions defined in the National Insurance Institute regulations.

What does it Cost?

The Institute’s insurance coverage is free of charge. The Institute funds, at its own expense, the required social security premium.

Other national insurance payments (Israeli citizens)

As a student at the Weizmann Institute, you must continue paying all of your other National Insurance payments independently (as you have done to date), including health insurance payments. These payments relate to issues that are not included in the Institute’s professional training insurance.