Courses at FGS

The Feinberg Graduate School offers a wide variety of graduate level courses in a number of fields as well as special non-degree programs. Areas of study include Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science, Science Teaching, Science Teaching for Teachers, and Teaching Certification.

Course Schedule and Syllabi

The course schedule for the current year is available online. The new course schedule, for the new academic year is usually published in September.

Online Registration for Courses

You are required to register for all the courses you wish to take. You must do so through our online registration service.

Online Course Material

The Feinberg Graduate School offers a special service that enables FGS students to access course material online. The material is open to all students at the Weizmann Institute of Science. In order to access it, all you need to do is enter your personal Weizmann Institute of Science user ID and password.

Open to the Public (Auditors)

Most of the courses offered by the Feinberg Graduate School are open to the public and free-of-charge. Nevertheless, FGS may limit the participation in any of its courses to full-time students only.  
For more information re. auditors please see the relevant section under ADMISSIONS.

Language of Instruction

All classes are taught in English, with the exception of courses in the Science Teaching and Teaching Certificate programs.

Study Requirements

For comprehensive information about study requirements set by each Board of Studies please consult the MSc Study Requirements, or, PhD Study Requirements pages. These pages present up-to-date information on current study requirements including details on obligatory, core and elective courses, and also (where applicable) lists of particular external courses (including online courses offered by Coursera).

Assignments and other Requirement

Information on assignments and other requirements are generally announced within the first couple of lectures/meetings of a course.

Course Attendance

Course attendance is determined by each course’s Director. For absence due to fertility treatment, pregnancy, maternity leave or adoption, please see the school’s policy on Pregnancy and Maternity Leave.

Students of all religious denominations may be absent from a course on religious holidays officially recognized in Israel.

"No Show" for Certain Courses

If you no longer want to participate in a laboratory course, seminar or guided reading course you signed up for, you must cancel your registration before the registration deadline of that course. Otherwise, you prevent from other students to take that course. Such conduct is considered as unethical!

Please note that If you fail to show up for a lab course you are registered for without a justified reason, you will not be allowed to take that course in the future.

Length of Each Course

Each course generally runs between 12-14 weeks. The length of a course must be at least 2/3 of a semester. If lectures are canceled for any reason, the lecturer may coordinate with the FGS the scheduling of additional lectures to cover the relevant material.

Feedback on Courses

As an FGS student, you are requested to invest a few minutes at the end of each semester to write up your opinion on the quality of the courses and instruction, and submit your evaluation online. This feedback is considered by the FGS to be an important and useful tool for evaluating the quality of teaching. Although this report is filed via the Intranet, all steps have been taken to preserve your anonymity.

In addition to the online evaluation of courses, the FGS encourages you to contact the relevant Board of Studies if you wish to highlight a particular problem or offer constructive criticism. The results of the feedback provided are made public when the course is offered the next time.

Courses & Exams

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