Safety Unit

The Safety Unit is responsible for promoting the safety and the environmental protection at the Institute and acts to implement the Institute’s safety policy, which is based on the Israeli laws and the Institute’s regulations. The Safety Unit is headed by a professor, nominated by the management every few years, who oversees the Safety Unit together with the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The Unit manager reports to the Head of The Safety Unit and to the Vice President. The unit includes several Safety Officers, each responsible for a specific area: General Safety, Biological Safety, Chemical Safety, Radiation Safety, Laser Safety, Fire Safety, Occupational Health and Construction Safety. All incoming students and new employees undergo a Safety course given by the Unit personnel. The Unit continuously oversees the safety conduct of the various activities at the Institute and provides periodical safety lectures to all students and employees. The Unit collects and safely disposes hazardous radioactive, chemical and biological waste. The environmental activities of the Unit include collection and safe disposal of empty chemical containers, batteries, expired medicines and broken glassware. In addition to the Unit, there are 40 Safety Wardens, assigned to the Institute’s various departments and assisting the safety officers. The Unit maintains extensive emergency gear and has trained a team of volunteers to help in emergency situations, including fire, earthquakes and explosions, performing rescue operations, giving first aid and fighting fire.