Library Services

Full Access to Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

The Weizmann Institute Library is responsible for acquiring, collecting, processing, storing and distributing all printed and electronic scientific literature needed by the Institute's faculty, staff and students. The Library is offering convenient access to thousands of electronic and printed journals, books, series and collection in various platforms and formats, access to scientific information databases, professional reference assistance and training services, and inter-library loan services.

The Central Library and its Faculty Branches

The Weizmann Institute Library consists of the Central Library and four Faculty branch libraries, which mainly serve reference needs. The Central Library, located in the Fromer building, serves essentially as headquarters providing administrative and professional services to all Institute Libraries, as well as scientific information services to Institute personnel.

  • The Goldschleger Life Sciences & Chemistry Library
  • The Benoziyo Physics Library
  • The Frankel Mathematics Library
  • The Rochlin Science Teaching Library
    This library also houses several departmental collections


The Weizmann Institute Archives, located in the Weiz building, documents historical events of the Institute along with its scientific, educational, and cultural contributions since its founding. The Archives serves the administrative and research needs of the Institute as well as providing assistance for all inquiries from outside the Institute.