Are you planning a post doctorate abroad? Are you looking for Israeli scientists who are currently abroad and can advise?

BioAbroad—an innovative, nonprofit organization that connects Israeli scientists living around the world and links them with Israel.

BioAbroad is the largest network of senior Israeli researchers abroad with over 2000 members, it has 20 centers throughout North America that are run by Israeli scientists on a volunteer basis. BioAbroad’s activities encourage the flow of knowledge and technology to Israel, building valuable connections that directly benefit Israeli research and development. The work of the organization strengthens Israel by establishing and maintaining contact with talented Israeli scientists around the globe.

Empowering Israeli scientists

In the public relations battle taking place on American university campuses, BioAbroad empowers Israeli scientists at leading university centers to promote a more positive image of Israel, changing the language of delegitimization prevalent on campus. The members of BioAbroad highlight Israel’s scientific and technological achievement and focus on its contributions to the scientific community and to humanity as a whole.

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