Medical Insurance


All international students and postdoctoral fellows and their family members are obligated to arrange a medical insurance policy as a pre-condition to starting studies or training at the Weizmann Institute. The type of insurance policy is prescribed by the International Office at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Full-time International FGS students and postdoctoral fellows and their family members (spouses and children) who need a visa, will have their policy arranged by the International Office and the cost will be covered directly by the Weizmann Institute.

Visiting students are required to cover the cost of the policy themselves.

Highlights of coverage

Medical emergencies; hospitalization; pregnancy and childbirth – full coverage after a waiting period of 3 months; emergency psychiatric treatment; physiotherapy treatments; Psychological treatment; extreme sports cover.


It will be the international students and postdoctoral fellow’s responsibility to update the International Office in all of the following situations:

  • If you depart Israel before your secluded end date.
  • If your family members leave or plan to leave Israel for good.
  • If you will continue to another status at the Institute (i.e. MSc continue to PhD, PhD continue to Postdoc).

Student or postdoctoral fellows, who will fail to update the International Office, will be required to pay back the Institute for costs incurred for any policy. The Feinberg Graduate School will deduct this directly from their fellowship.


For more information

Please consult the WIS International Office website (>>health insurance).