Medical Insurance

If you are an international student or postdoctoral fellow, you are obligated to purchase a medical insurance policy as a pre-condition to starting studies or training at the Weizmann Institute. The Feinberg Graduate School does not direct international students and postdoctoral fellows to purchase a policy from a particular insurance company or agent. However, it is mandatory to purchase a policy with terms and conditions similar to those offered by the Prestige Policy set by the Harel Insurance Company.

All international students are entitled to reimbursement of up to $853 of the annual cost of purchasing a medical insurance policy for themselves. This reimbursement is in the form of 12 equal monthly additions to the fellowship.


For the sake of good order, it is very important that you know in advance that health insurance policies in Israel do not cover childbirth (i.e. delivery, hospitalization as a result of childbirth, or childbirth related complications). If you expect to need such coverage for yourself or your spouse, please look into the possibility of purchasing appropriate insurance from your country of origin.

The insurance policy offered to international students, postdocs and scientists does include, however, prenatal monitoring.

In addition, certain insurance agencies may offer advice and help obtain discounts to reduce the cost of the childbirth itself.

FGS Coordinator