Exams at FGS

Exam Schedules

Graduate Schools in Israel are required now to schedule two dates for exams that are taken on campus (the second scheduled date aka MOED BET).
As far as written exams that are taken on campus are concerned, students have the following options:

  • Take the exam only on the first scheduled date); or
  • Take the exam only on the second scheduled date (MOED BET); or
  • Take the exams on both scheduled dates. Both grades will be recorded and presented in the transcript, but only the grade obtained on the second scheduled date (MOED BET) will be taken in to account when the student’s grade point average is calculated.


FGS students do not have to seek  approval from the FGS or notify the FGS for taking an exam on schedule B. They simply show up for the second scheduled date and take the exam. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to do one's best take the exam on schedule A.

Students on maternity/paternity leave during the exam period are entitled to approach the FGS Coordinator for Courses and Exams to reschedule in-class final exams they are supposed to take.

Students who cannot take an in-class final exam on the formally scheduled dates may contact the FGS Coordinator for Courses and Exams and ask for rescheduling. However, only exceptional cases (e.g., IDF reserve service, pregnancy-related absence, severe documented illness, and force majeure/unavoidable events) will be approved.

Auditors may take exams on the first schedule dates only.

For details, see the current exam schedule.

Registration for Exams

While there is no need to register for exams it is of outmost importance, and in fact obligatory that you register for the courses you take (whether for credit or not).

Final Papers Deadlines

Final papers must be submitted no later than the end of the exam period. 

Extension of Exam Time

You may request an extension of the time allotted for an exam (usually an additional 15 minutes for every exam hour).  Your request for extending the exam time must be accompanied by medical documents. Pregnant women are entitled to a 15-minute extension for every exam hour.

The FGS does not announce when grades are available for the courses offered. It is your responsibility to use the online service to check your current transcript.

Examination Notebooks/Answer Sheets

When writing an exam, you must use either examination books or exam sheets supplied by FGS. Make sure to write your ID number (for Israeli students) or your passport number (for international students) and full name on each examination notebook or answer sheet used during the exam.

Writing in examination notebooks and answer sheets is allowed in pen only (not in pencil). Deletions are allowed by drawing a line through the text that needs to be erased. Failing to adhere to these regulations will deny you the right to appeal for re-evaluation.

After submitting your examination notebook, you may not request that it not be graded.


Students caught copying on an exam or plagiarizing in an assignment will be punished to the fullest extent. This may include permanent expulsion from the Feinberg Graduate School.

Getting Your Grades

Lecturers are required to submit grades for written exams and final assignments within one month following the end of the examination period of the semester.

Quitting an exam

You may quit the exam and leave an examination site without completing and submitting the examination notebook or answer sheet.

Failing an obligatory course

Failing an obligatory course means that the student must take the course again.

Returning Examination Notebooks

Examination notebooks are usually returned to the students. If a lecturer in a particular course instructs the FGS not to return the examination notebooks, you will be informed by the FGS as to when you would be able to review the graded examination notebook. This may be done either in the presence of the lecturer, or without his/her presence.

Shredding of Examination Books

Please note that the FGS keeps all examination notebooks for two months from the day the grades in the relevant course were publicized. Thereafter, they are shredded and recycled.

Contesting a Grade

You may contest a grade and ask that it be re-evaluated within two months following the publication of the grades in a course. The procedure is as follows:

  • Appeal in writing to the  FGS Courses and Exams Coordinator.
  • The appeal is forwarded to the lecturer.
  • You may request to meet with the lecturer to discuss the appeal.
  • If the lecturer's response to the appeal does not satisfy you, you may then appeal to the relevant Board of Studies.