Pre-Application Visit

The Feinberg Graduate School invites outstanding PhD students who are nearing graduation at universities abroad, or who have graduated no more than two years ago, to visit the Institute for a few days in order to meet its scientists and explore postdoctoral research opportunities. A limited number of such visits are subsidized by the Institute on a competitive basis. Those who are invited are under no obligation to undertake their postdoctoral studies here.

The idea behind the program is to facilitate a first-hand experience of the Institute and meetings with its scientists, and to explore postdoctoral research opportunities at the Feinberg Graduate School.

It is important to point out that the program is not intended to fund ongoing  collaborations, job interviews, nor the expenses of relocation to Israel.

Top selected candidates are invited for a subsidized visit to the Weizmann Institute for between five and seven days. The visit is organized and hosted by the research group and department that each student has selected. During the visit, each guest gives a lecture in an appropriate forum. A convenient schedule for the visit is coordinated between the host(s) and the visitor.


The program covers for you the following expenses:

  • Airfare: Round-trip, economy-class ticket on a regular scheduled flight at the lowest price available.
  • Lodging: Up to six nights at the San Martin Guest House on campus, on a bed & breakfast basis.


  • PhD science students nearing graduation in research institutes abroad, or those who have completed doctorate studies no more than two years ago.
  • Candidates must have at least one article in peer reviewed scientific journals or equivalently prestigious peer reviewed conferences as the first author, or equivalent.
  • Prior to applying to the Feinberg Graduate School, candidates must contact potential hosts, heads of research groups interested in inviting and hosting them within the framework of this program.
  • Any such visit must be approved by the head of the postdoctoral fellowship program.

How to Apply

Once a scientist has agreed to host you, you can apply to the program by doing the following:

  • Submit an online application form.
  • Email to the relevant FGS Faculty Coordinator (see below)

    [1] A PDF flie containing your CV and list of publications; and
    [2] A signed form containing additional information.
  • Obtain two letters of reference, one of which must be from your doctoral dissertation advisor. These letters should be sent directly by the people who wrote them to FGS Faculty Coordinator (see below for details). Please note that the application will not be processed until the two letters of recommendation have been received.

Field of Study: Physical Sciences
Email Address:
Email Subject: Visit to WIS Physics + Applicant's Name

Field of Study: Chemical Sciences
Email Address:
Email Subject: Visit to WIS Chemistry + Applicant's Name

Field of Study: Life Sciences
Email Address:
Email Subject: Visit to WIS Life Sciences + Applicant's Name

Field of Study: Math & CS
Email Address: FGS-Math&
Email Subject: Visit to WIS Math & CS + Applicant's Name

Field of Study: Science Teaching
Email Address:
Email Subject: Visit to WIS Science Teaching + Applicant's Name

FGS Coordinators