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Feinberg Graduate School
David Lopatie Hall of Graduate Studies
Weizmann Institute of Science
P.O. Box 26 Rehovot 7610001 ISRAEL
+ 972-8-934-2924
+ 972-8-934-4114


Scientific Leadership

Prof. Irit Sagi Dean
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Prof. Gilad Perez Chair of the Board of Studies in Physical Sciences
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Prof. Boris Rybtchinski Chair of the Board of Studies in Chemical Sciences
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Prof. Ziv Reich Chair of the Board of Studies in Life Sciences
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Prof. Tsachik Gelander Chair of the Board of Studies in Mathematics & Computer Science
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Prof. David Fortus Chair of the Board of Studies in Science Teaching
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Prof. Michael Fainzilber Chair of the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
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Prof. Avraham Yaron Career Development Coordinator
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Yael Tzismadia Head of Finance Section

FGS Coordinators

Eti Colb-Uzana Coordinator for Academic Services, Special Programs & CALLS+ 972-8-934-4536
Michal Kiri Faculty Coordinator for Physics, Chemistry, Math & CS+ 972-8-934-3839
Dalia Greenberg Faculty Coordinator for Life Sciences+ 972-8-934-3843
Adi Shimron Faculty Coordinator for Math & CS and for Science Teaching+ 972-8-934-4553
Dana Yanay Head of Fellowships and Administrative Registration Section+ 972-8-934-6444
Adi Perpinyal Moulia Coordinator of Fellowships and Administrative Registration+ 972-8-934-6540
Ruth Kamensky Coordinator of Courses and Exams+ 972-8-934-6092
Livnat Abu Dean's secretary+ 972-8-934-3842

Teaching Lab

Dr. Dan Yosef Michael Director of the Life Sciences Teaching Lab