Personal Counseling Services at the Feinberg Graduate School

Personal Counseling Services

Active Students and postdoctoral fellows may receive professional mental health assistance through the Weizmann Social Services.

The service is given as follows:

Source of referral

If you are interested in the services, contact Ms. Nirit Cohen-Kraus, at the WIS social services (contact details below).


Following an initial evaluation by the WIS Social Worker, options are as follows -  

  • The student/postdoc will be referred to an internal psychological service upon availability.
  • In case the internal services are unavailable, the student/postdoc will be referred to a list of outsourced certified psychologists and clinical social workers in the Rehovot area.
  • Student/postdoc is entitled to choose a professional not on the list if the WIS social worker verifies their credentials before enrolling in the therapy.

Scope of therapy

Up to 15 meetings.


Cost of therapy and reimbursement

For the outsourced services – (80 NIS deductible)

  • Israeli student/postdoc
    • Please submit by email original receipts to the FGS Finance Section.
    • Reimbursement is up to 400 NIS per session (after deducting NIS 80 per session).
  • International student/postdoc
    • The reimbursement process is between the student/postdoc and the Health Insurance company.
    • You will have to submit the original receipts to the Health Insurance Company.
    • Submit by email proof of reimbursement from the Health Insurance along with receipts to the FGS Finance Section.
    • The deductible is 80 NIS, the FGS will reimburse you the difference. 


For the internal services – (40 NIS deductible)

  • 120 NIS per meeting.
  • The student/postdoc will be required to pay the full amount for all the meetings.
  • At the end of the therapeutic process, please submit by email original receipts to the FGS Finance Section.
  • The FGS will reimburse the students for 40 NIS per session via the monthly scholarship.




Contact Details

Nirit Cohen Kraus – Student Social Worker

Work Phone: 08-9349219

Mobile: 0543067600



FGS Finance Section

FGS representative – Yael Tzismadia / Linoy Mauda

Mail: /


Weizmann Social Work Services