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Personal Counseling Services at the Feinberg Graduate School

Internal Personal Counseling Services

Students and postdoctoral fellows may take advantage of discreet personal counseling services provided (free of charge) by the Institute’s social worker, Ms. Orit Viterbo:
Office: 08-9344507
Mobile: 054-263-9050

Subsidized Personal Counseling Services
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Graduate studies and postdoctoral training at the Weizmann Institute are a period of significant personal and professional development for students. During this time students must face many challenges and make meaningful decisions about many important issues. This period has the potential to lead to tension and personal and interpersonal difficulties.

About the Service

​Student and Postdoc counseling services at the Weizmann Institute are designed to offer psychological help and support for students dealing with issues of academic pressures, relocation, conflicts with supervisors, personal crises in life, interpersonal relationships, career choices, and more.


The service is intended for short-term intervention in a crisis (with a duration ranging from a few meetings to several months).

Service Provider

Counseling is done by a clinical psychologist and is provided on the campus of the Faculty of Agriculture, adjacent to the Weizmann Institute.


Confidentiality is guaranteed for every call. Information will be transferred to a third party only on request and written consent of the applicant.

How to Apply

Students and postdocs Interested in this service can contact Orit Viterbo, Institute Social Worker. Please see her contact information above.


The cost of each session of counseling services (after FGS subsidy), is NIS 120.

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